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Still Life with Biscuits (2008)

A lot of beats and samples mashed into a pile of granny panties.

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still life with biscuits


My name is Rob Musser. I just moved to Cleveland in June 2007 and enjoy sunsets and massages. I've been into music - specifically punk since I was 2. I recently found that I enjoy certain types of experimental electronic. I'm a big mac geek at heart so doing music on the computer is really fun for me. The RPM challenge was perfect because it made me get off my ass and do something creative. Hope whoever hears it likes it!

Rob Musser - Drums, Keyboard, Guitar. Ableton Live & Reason to mix it all up.


Electronic - Beat Driven

Completed Albums

Still Life with Biscuits(2008)

A lot of beats and samples mashed into a pile of granny panties.

workout the monkey
quarterback head
messy for tessy
enormo ball sack
someone for nobody
log cabin disco
pablo the dentist
boy into hole